permanent Makeup


  • Saves time in daily routine

  • Lasts longer than traditional makeup

  • Enhances natural features for a polished look

  • Convenient for people with busy lifestyles

  • Benefits those with medical conditions affecting appearance

Ombré Powder Glow

Welcome to the world of Ombre Powder Glow Brows, where effortless beauty meets lasting confidence. Say goodbye to the daily hassle of shaping your eyebrows and hello to the convenience of waking up with flawlessly defined brows every morning. Our innovative technique, powered by the Master Liner Machine, delivers soft, natural-looking brows that require minimal maintenance. Lasting 1-2 years, Ombre Powder Glow Brows provide the perfect alternative to traditional brow filling methods. Enjoy the luxury of an extra 20 minutes of sleep as you embrace the convenience and beauty of Ombre Powder Glow Brows. It's time to glow with confidence, effortlessly.

Glow Eyeliner

Are you longing for fuller, longer-looking lashes without the daily makeup routine? Say goodbye to rushed mornings with our permanent makeup eyeliner. Designed to provide the perfect amount of color, our eyeliner enhances your lashes for a fuller appearance. Simply add mascara and you're ready to go! With a lifespan of 1-3 years, this customized treatment is tailored to your eye shape, creating the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. Experience the convenience and beauty of effortless, long-lasting eyeliner with Glow.

Lip Glow Blush

Are you dreaming of beautifully tinted, fuller-looking lips without the need for constant reapplication of lipstick? Say hello to carefree days with our 'Lip Glow Blush' permanent makeup service. Specially formulated to deliver a natural flush of color, our Lip Glow Blush enhances your lips, giving them a healthy and youthful appearance. Simply enjoy your day without the worry of fading or smudging! With a longevity of 1-3 years, this personalized treatment is adapted to your lip shape and desired hue, providing a subtle enhancement that brightens your entire face. Discover the joy and simplicity of beautiful, long-lasting lip color with Glow.


How We Work


We conduct a thorough consultation to understand each client's individual needs and preferences, ensuring a customised treatment that delivers natural-looking results.


We always use high-quality, sterile equipment and follows strict health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Depending on the treatment, the session can take 1.5 to 3 hours.

Top Up

A top-up session 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment is recommended to achieve the desired colour and shape, ensuring long-lasting, quality results.

Colour Booster

Over time, colour can fade due to factors such as sun exposure or skincare products. A colour booster can help refresh the look of the semi-permanent makeup.

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