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Do you struggle with shaping your eyebrows every morning?

 How does sleeping in for 20 more minutes sound?

We can make it happen!

Ombré Powder Glow brows is a technique performed with the assistance of a Master Liner Machine and provides a soft appearance that is both natural looking and long lasting.
This brow type typically lasts 1-2 years and is the perfect alternative for filling in your brows every morning.



Are you tired of smearing your lipstick and having to reapply 4-5 times a day?

We have the perfect solution!

Our permanent lip blush allows us to give you the perfect natural & even tint to your lips.


This customized lip treatment lasts approximately 1-3 years, leaving your lips beautiful and smear proof.


Do your eyelashes need an extra boost to look fuller and appear longer?

Do you constantly wake up in a hurry to get to your destination?

Our permanent makeup eyeliner gives you the perfect amount of color to help obtain a fuller look to your lashes. It is the perfect boost for you to throw on mascara and call it a day.

This eyeliner type typically lasts 1-3 years.  Each treatment is customized to your eye shape to help create an illusion of bigger & brighter eyes.

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