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Top 3 Permanent Makeup Procedures which will Make Your Life Effortlessly Blissful

Tired of applying makeup every day?

In that case, permanent makeup is that the permanent solution for you all.

Permanent Makeup is an innovative innovative technique that involves applying natural pigments

into the dermal layer of the skin so as to reinforce the countenance also as cover blemishes or

conditions like vitiligo. When performed by a talented esthetician, permanent makeup is both safe as and painless.

The Endless Advantages of Permanent Makeup

• You won’t need to awaken half an hour before necessary to use makeup and hence you'll be ready to get some extra sleep.

• By getting permanent makeup, you'll also remove costly beauty products from your shopping list & this will cause financial savings.

• Permanent makeup lasts really long.

• You won't need to worry about spoiling your look even while swimming or exercising.

• You will look picture-perfect every time.

Top 3 Permanent Makeup Procedures


Struggle with shaping your eyebrows every morning?

We can make it happen!

Ombré Powder Glow Brows may be a technique which is performed with the help of a Master Liner Machine and provides a soft appearance that's both natural looking and long lasting. This brow type typically lasts for a few years and is the perfect alternative for filling in your brows every morning.

Permanent Lip Blush

Lip blushing may be a sort of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using tiny needles. Also called as lip tattooing, this is often more of a cosmetic enhancement instead of traditional art.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Our permanent makeup eyeliner gives you the right amount of color to assist obtain a fuller look to your lashes. it's the right boost for you to throw on mascara and call it each day . This eyeliner type typically lasts 1-3 years. Each treatment is customized to your eye shape to assist create an illusion of larger & brighter eyes.

Turn to PERMANENT GLOW for Permanent Makeup Located in Hermosa Beach, CA, Permanent Glow has been operational for five years while Justyna has been within the industry for just over seven years with training in both Poland and L.A.

Permanent Glow

1200 Pacific Coast Highway

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Suite 203 (2nd Floor)

Tel: #1-310-353-6947

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