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Are you tired of smearing your lipstick and having to reapply 4-5 times a day?


We have the perfect solution!


Our permanent lip blush allows us to give you the perfect natural & even tint to your lips.


This customized lip treatment lasts approximately 1-3 years, leaving your lips beautiful and smear proof.


The skin of the lips, with age, becomes paler and thinner, and wrinkles start appearing at the corners. While doing Lip blushing, we also need to look at falling corners and the sagging of the skin around the lips. In general Lip Blushing is a make-up or semi-permanent tattoo when people are looking to rejuvenate the lip border or the actual lips. We offer Lip Blushing services in South Bay Area, Manhattan beach, Hermosa beach, Redondo beach and other nearby areas.


Benefits of Lip Blushing Services in South Bay Area


  1. Lip Blushing can help you look younger

  2. It helps you fix imbalances

  3. It improves the overall look

  4. Enhanced Lip Symmetry

  5. Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation


Lip Blushing is the best cosmetic procedure to maintain your lips.  We offer the best and affordable blushing lips Manhattan beach, Hermosa beach and South Bay area services.


Permanent Glow also offers Lips Tattoo in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan beach services.  Feel free to book our Lip Tattoo and Lip Blushing services in South Bay area online or feel free to contact us for more details.

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